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How to Enjoy

If you're enjoying your goods at home, continue reading below to know how to best enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

To enjoy our puff pizza at home, wrap it in aluminum foil and pop in the oven at 180C for 5-10 mins.

Our bakes are always made fresh with love and care, proudly using the finest local ingredients with no artificial preservatives. All cakes and pastries are best consumed within 3 days from date of pick-up.

Snap a shot of this your Celebration Cake, then serve and enjoy chilled. If you're saving your cake for later, store in the chiller to keep cool and fresh. Don't leave in direct heat or sunlight to keep this work of art (buttercream, whipped cream or fruit gelée) from melting.

Prolong the shelf life of your baked goods by storing in an air-tight container or wrapping in foil and cling film before stowing away in the freezer. You can find more detailed instructions for each product on its own page.