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Terms and Conditions

At Half Saints, our goal is to nourish the hearts and souls of people everyday at every moment. To do so, we hope that you can agree to abide by the terms below for a seamless online experience:

  1. Once you have completed checkout, your order is final and can no longer be changed.
  2. And as such, your date of order is also final so we are unable to reschedule your desired pick-up or gift delivery date.
  3. Please book your favorite courier to pick up your goodies. Please note that we don't have in-house delivery yet. As always, please book a car service for 8-inch celebration cakes. For other items, motorcycle services will do. 
  4. We want you to receive your order in the best condition possible. If we feel that the rider booked will be unable to successfully deliver your order, we reserve the right to request that you book another rider so that we can ensure that no mishaps occur during delivery.
  5. If you are unable to pick up your order on the day selected, unfortunately, we will have to dispose of the items as it is a violation of our health and safety rules.

Once again, thank you for choosing Half Saints.